Get in your preorders: Sweet Savannah Shrimp debuts on May 23!

There are two ways to order shrimp for May:
1. Order in person at the farmer’s market for regular price.
2. Preorder now until noon Wednesday, May 22nd and receive a discounted price!

Preorder Instructions

  • Send an email with the following info to
    – First and last name
    – Phone number
    – Product(s) you’d like us to hold
    – Tucker pickup
  • If your order is received, you will receive an order confirmation within 48 hours of placing your order. You will not receive a preorder discount at the market if your order was not confirmed.
  • If you place an order, we will send 1 email the day of the market to remind you about your order and inform you of any need to know market details.
  • After preorder pickup time, unclaimed orders are sold. If you order, don’t pickup and don’t cancel before the end of the market, you’re removed from our list and discounts are no longer available for you.
  • We’ll accept cash, credit and market tokens (swap and DOUBLE your EBT/SNAP for tokens at the market info tent).
  • There will be no discounts for any orders received after noon May 22nd. If we are able to accept your order, it will be regular price. You will receive an email confirmation.
  • TUCKER PREORDER PICKUP INFO: Regular preorder pickup time is 4pm – 7pm. All orders are considered regular pickup unless otherwise noted. If you note early pickup (4 – 5), your wait will be reduced and your order will be packed on the top of our freezer. If you need pickup between 7 – 8, we will allow LATE PICKUP if you note it in your order.
  • If you’ve read this far, keep reading for a code to receive an extra $2 off your May shrimp purchase total. Send the code correctly with your preorder during the preorder period. Only one code per person. Not valid on tigers, fish or squid.

Want to be the first to know our Atlanta dates?
Keep up with us on facebook!
Join our Tucker event to receive current product availability and market details.

Available products

We will have the Spring crop available this trip. These are white roe shrimp. The female shrimp have thick orange roe (eggs) with the vein (heads on and heads off). These are available for a limited time only!

The following are available for preorder while quantities last:

2lb bag JUMBO heads on (11/20 per lb Individually Quick Frozen)
Regular Price:  $21
Preorder Price: $19

2lb bag XL heads off (21/30 per lb IQF)
Regular Price:  $33
Preorder Price: $31

1lb bag XL peeled & deveined (26/30 per lb Frozen)
Regular Price: $25
Preorder Price: $23

1lb bag Large peeled & deveined (31/35 per lb Frozen)
Regular Price: $24
Preorder Price: $22

16 Whole Squid (10/20 per lb IQF)
Regular Price: $11
Preorder Price: $9

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us! All the products we are offering have been caught by our family fisherman off the Georgia coast, and we thank you for supporting local shrimpers. The code for $2 off expiring at noon May 22 is
themarketmanagergotmeanextra2dollarsoff (Not valid on tigers, fish or squid)

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Nicole Dubberly
Sweet Savannah Shrimp

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