Gluten-free baked goods and more!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

2333 Main St. in the Bank of America parking lot

Vendor News

Sparkles Cookies and Desserts

SPARKLES COOKIES and DESSERTS specializes in yummy PALEO, GRAIN-FREE, NATURALLY GLUTEN-FREE and REFINED SUGAR-FREE cookies, cupcakes, muffins and treats to enjoy daily or for birthdays, school parties, showers, and many other special celebrations. We pride ourselves in coming up with tasty alternatives to the boring old standard for gluten-free snacks and treats. Our treats go beyond the standard “gluten-free” fare, because our treats are completely GRAIN-FREE and therefore, naturally GLUTEN-FREE. We use the freshest ingredients to create our delicious treats and you can taste nature’s goodness with each delectable bite.

Strawberries from Straight From the Backyard Garden

Fresh, locally grown strawberries from Lynn,
plus lots more delicious produce.



Music: Tom Hill and Friends


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