First Thursday Food Trucks & Market, December 1, 2016

2333 Main St. in the Freemason’s Square and Bank of America parking lot


First Thursday Food Trucks & Holiday Market

Cousin’s Maine Lobster and Mac the Cheese

Vendor News

It’s holiday time at the TFM. Shop for local and unique gifts every Thursday through December 15.

Straight From the Backyard Garden

Lynn and company have two specials going this week. First 20% extra on your purchase of a gift certificate. Buy a minimum $25 dollar gift certificate and get an additional 20%. For example, spend $100 on a gift certificate and get $120. All gift certificates are good for a year and you don’t have to spend it all at once.

napa-cabbagesThe second special concerns our 2017 calendars. We have designed and ordered them finally and they should be here soon. $17 for pre-ordered calendars instead of our regular $20 price. All proceeds go straight to our farm!

We will be there this Thursday with lots of vegetables and are taking pre-orders for napa cabbage, kohlrabi, fennel, broccoli, mizuna, and lettuce.

Also, if you or someone you know in the Tucker area are struggling with money please talk to me and I will help with fresh vegetables while I have enough to share. Plus, if you can’t make it during regular market hours, remember you can always pick up your pre-paid orders from Growler Time who store your orders in their cooler.

Music: Codey Bearden

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