Thursday, October 20, 2016, at the TFM

2333 Main St. in the Freemason’s Square and Bank of America parking lot


New Vendor

Venezuelan Tamales & More

Tamales wrapped in banana leaves — Turkey tamales (corn meal, pumpkin, casava); pork, beef, and chicken tamales with green onions, garlic, beer, tumeric, annato seeds, and more; arepas with chicken or beef and cheddar cheese.

Music: Nearly Normal String Band

The Nearly Normal String Band consists of Viva and Neil Araki. Neil plays acoustic guitar, fiddle and mandolin in several styles, including blues, bluegrass, Celtic, and old time Appalachian.  He has playnearlynormalstringbanded guitar since he was nine years old, and plays both finger style and flat pick style.  Viva plays guitar and old time banjo and sings, and also plays a variety of musical styles. She studied guitar from the age of five, and began learning old time Appalachian style banjo about 30 years ago.  She is primarily a finger picker on guitar.  Neil and Viva have played together for 26 years, and are still learning new songs, genres and styles of music. The Band plays at State Parks, coffee houses and some music festivals across north Georgia, and for parties, and weddings. They have long been active member and supporters of AAFFM.

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