Thursday, June 16, 2016, at the TFM

2333 Main St. in the Freemason’s Square and Bank of America parking lot


Vendor News

Valona Shrimp

Valona Shrimp Company offers the finest and freshest seafood from coastal Georgia. They secure a quality catch from the dock, pack it directly for market, and proudly offer wild caught Georgia shrimp, clams, crabs, oysters and a variety of native coastal Georgia finfish. We are excited to welcome them to the TFM!

Blueberries (and cantaloupe and watermelon)

It’s time for sweet summer blueberries. Come early to get yours!blueberries 2



Freestone Peaches from Pearson Farm

peachesThis week, get delicious Harvest and GaLa Freestone peaches from Pearson Farm.

Kids Area

Musical Petting Zoo from Atlanta Music Education

musicalpettingzooAtlanta Music Education will provide a “musical petting zoo” with hands-on style instruments for kids to try out.

Music: Emily Backus


I am Jonathan Steltzer and I will be a freshmen entering Kennesaw State University for Music Education. I play the saxophone and street perform throughout Atlanta and metro Atlanta. I like street performing because of the people you meet, the places you go and especially the kids that dance to your music. I have a YouTube channel that covers gaming and anime music themes and when I street perform I play pop music to dubstep.

I started my YouTube channel about 3 months ago and currently have 500+ subscribers and 500+ likes on my Facebook page. I plan to grow my channel further as I learn more things. For street performing, I generally do not play many of the songs on my YouTube channel.





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