First Thursday Food Trucks & Market, June 2, 2016

2333 Main St. in the Freemason’s Square and Bank of America parking lot


First Thursday Food Trucks

Cousin’s Maine Lobster and Brazilian Taste

Vendor News

Dog Bites Bakery

Maybe you’re already a fan? Dog Bites Bakery has joined us since the first of the season to help you treat your dog to the kind of food that can make us all feel good – including locally grown, wholesome ingredients. We give back to the dogbitescommunity by sourcing as close to home as possible and by contributing a portion of sales to dog rescue organizations- a cause near and dear to our hearts.  So treat yourself, your dog and your community by giving them goodies from Dog Bites Bakery!

PLUS — 11140000_912262892222164_273807093195116088_nBe sure to stop by Circle M Farms for farm fresh eggs and delicious produce, including tomatoes, squash and more!facepainting

PLUS — Beautiful, unique face painting from Marsha, a local artist.

Music: Matt Donald

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