Shrimp at the TFM, November 19, 2015

Sweet Savannah Shrimp Company at TFM, November 19, 2015

Get your pre-orders in by NOON,
Wednesday November 18!

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 10.35.31 AM

To place a preorder, email the following to

first and last name
phone number
pickup location – (Tucker)
product(s) you’d like (see list below)

Preorders will be accepted until noon November 18. Please email your order to
If you don’t receive an email confirmation within 48 hours of placing your order, I didn’t receive it. Please email your order again to or call 912.210.7360.

Preorder pickup time is 4-6pm. If you’d like early pickup (4-5) you will have a shorter wait time at pickup- just note EARLY PICKUP in your order. If you need a late pickup (6-7pm) please note LATE PICKUP when placing your order.

No discount is available after the preorder deadline. Orders placed after may not be received in time to fill. Payment is accepted at pickup (cash, credit & tokens issued by the market). After the preorder pickup time, all unclaimed orders that haven’t requested late pickup will be sold to other customers. If you fail to pickup your order on more than one occasion without notifying me before or after the market, you will be removed from our market alert list.
For current product availability during the preorder period, click on the market event you will attend on our Sweet Savannah Shrimp facebook page.

The following products are available (while quantities last):

2lb bag Jumbo heads on
(16/20 per lb Individually Quick Frozen)
Regular Price: $20
Preorder Price: $18

2lb bag XL heads off
(26/30 per lb IQF)
Regular Price: $33
Preorder Price: $30

1lb bag XL peeled & deveined
(26/30 per lb Frozen)
Regular Price: $24
Preorder Price: $22

16 Whole Squid
(10/20 per lb IQF)
Regular Price: $10
Preorder Price: $8


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