August 21, 2014, at the TFM

Tucker Farmers Market

August 21, 2014


2333 Main St., Tucker, GA

More than 25 local farmers and food producers.

Music from Charles Absher

Sweet Savannah Shrimp Company at TFM, August 21, 2014

Pre-order deadline extended! Order until 8am, August 21. See details below.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 10.35.31 AM

To place a preorder, email the following to

first and last name
phone number
pickup location – (Tucker)
product(s) you’d like (see list below)

We will hold your order until 1 hour before closing time (7pm). Feel free to request late pickup when placing your preorder, if you think you’ll need extra time. Failure to pickup your order without notification will result in your removal from the market alert list, and preorders will not be accepted from you for the remainder of the season.

Payment is not required until your order is picked up. Cash, credit cards and tokens issued by the market (if applicable) will be accepted.

The following products are available (while quantities last):

2LB bag Jumbo heads on: (Individually Quick Frozen)
Regular price: $19   Preorder price: $18

3LB bag Large heads on: (IQF) Summer brownies- last time this year
Regular price: $24   Preorder price: $21

2LB bag Jumbo heads off: (IQF)
Regular price: $34   Preorder price: $32

2LB bag XL heads off: (IQF)
Regular price: $32   Preorder price: $30

1LB bag XL peeled & deveined
(P&D): (Frozen)
Regular price: $23   Preorder price: $22

1LB bag Large P&D: (Frozen)
Regular price: $22   Preorder price: $21

Get your veggies and protein!


Dillwood Farms
Loganville, GA

Straight From the Backyard Garden
Loganville, GA


Wagon Wheel
Antibiotic- and hormone-free, all natural, grass fed, grass finished, free range, Black Angus cross bred beef.

Happy Hogs
Handraised pork products, pasture ranged, free of hormones, antibiotics, and steroids. Look for traditional and custom cuts, sausages, and bacon, frozen and vacuum sealed.

Diana’s Specialties
Savory smoked salmon, smoked rainbow trout, and more

Capra Gia Cheese Company
Fresh eggs and goat cheese

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