July 25, 2013, at the TFM

Tucker Farmers Market

July 25, 2013


2333 Main St., Tucker, GA, 30084

In Freemason’s Square and the Bank of America parking lot

More than 35 local farmers and food producers


Sweet Savannah Shrimp Company


Our boats harvest Wild Georgia Shrimp™ a name given to wild-caught shrimp, meeting the high quality standards of the Georgia Shrimp Association. http://www.wildgeorgiashrimp.com

These low-fat, low-calorie, low-carb shrimp are a protein-rich food containing heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Studies have found that shrimp are an excellent source of vitamins D and B12, as well as selenium, which may assist in cancer protection. They are also a good source of niacin and iron.

 This week, the following products will be available:

Jumbo heads on (Individually Quick Frozen) 2lb bags-$16
Summer Brown Shrimp! Medium heads on (IQF) 3lb bags-$18
Jumbo heads off (IQF) 2lb bags-$25
XL peeled & deveined (frozen) 1lb bags-$18
Summer mix -mostly medium heads on with some jumbo heads on (IQF) –2lb bags-$14

Email your preorders to sweetsavshrimp@aol.com until 5pm Wednesday, July 24th. If you’d like to place an order email your name, phone number, item(s) you’d like and the market where you’ll pick up. We will hold your order until 1 hour before closing. If you do not pick-up your order and fail to notify us beforehand, preorders will not be accepted from you in the future. Payment is not required until your order is picked up.

Music at the Market

Music from Anny Stanley


Anny Stanley, a song-writing songbird, performs songs drenched with life. This fiery red-head holds virtue near and it comes through in her songs, beautifully.Whether, its an old country road or a blue collar song her daddy used to sing, she uses her life experiences and turns them into a story put to music.

Community Booth

MBondAfrika Dance for Peace

Mbondafrica Festival 2013 2 copy

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