TFMers Give Back!

We were honored to work with the First Baptist Church of Tucker to gather school supplies for Idlewood Elementary and Tucker Middle. Thanks, TFM fans, for contributing to this fantastic school supply haul!

Contributors at the market put their names in a hat to receive $50 in TFM Bucks. TFM fan, Suzanne, was the winner!

Thanks to you, teachers and students will receive:

2600 sheets of notebook paper
1160 sheets of construction paper
1000 sheets of copy paper
452 crayons
393 ballpoint pens: 238 black, 117 blue, & 38 red
275 #2 pencils, 13 mechanical pencils, & 5 sharpeners
118 colored pencils
99 markers
70 gluesticks & 7 bottles of glue
25 spiral notebooks
24 composition books
23 highlighters
18 whiteboard markers
18 wedge erasers, 45 cap erasers, & 4 racecar-shaped erasers
16 folders & 4 3-ring binders
16 scissors
12 permanent markers
11 rulers
10 boxes & 3 packs of tissue
4 protractors
3 pencil cases
2 sets of watercolors
2 book covers
1 sketchpad

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  1. Thank you, Nancy and Leanne, for initiating this joint venture between the Tucker Farmer’s Market and First Baptist Church! It was a huge success. I know that the teachers at both schools are extremely grateful.

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