3 More of Our Amazing Vendors!

This Thursday! 3 More Great Vendors to Visit at Tucker Farmers Market



Seasonest Spice Blends are gourmet seasonings created with all-natural mixed spices, herbs and Celtic Sea Salt®. Our blends are handmade in small batches using quality, fresh ingredients that are free from additives, MSG and pesticides.

Goodness Gracious Granola

I began baking granola over 20 years ago, when I found a recipe for Koinonia granola, which our family enjoyed almost as much as our friends did. Being a food adventuress, I began to change the ingredients, experimenting with flavors and textures. I think food should be exciting to all senses (some day we’ll have tours of the granola factory while baking to share the wonderful aroma!). I still have many more ideas for granola and look forward to creating new flavors to share with all who love granola, and those who just don’t know it yet!

Mother Nature’s Market

Mother Nature’s Market was founded in Tucker, Georgia in 1977 by Dave and Jann Greene. The Greene’s motivation to provide quality natural health products to their local community was fueled by their own successful journey from illness to health using herbs, supplements, and natural foods. The Greene’s passed on their passion for health, nutrition, and natural remedies to their children and now their son, Stagg Greene, is overseeing the family business. “Since 1977,” says Stagg, “Mother Nature’s Market has set the standard for friendly, knowledgeable service. No one in Atlanta will provide better customer service and a more knowledgeable staff than we will at Mother Nature’s. We also pride ourselves on the large selection of quality products we have available.”

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